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Graffiti Is Vandalism

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Check out the full essay by EBWhite4 on the following question below:

QUESTION 16 – Is graffiti art?

Graffiti can be found on walls or any property, public or private. While some consider graffiti vandalism, there are now exhibitions that celebrate graffiti as art. Is graffiti art? Argue your point.

Note that this written expression prompt was similar to a question posed on a 2015 scholarship exam.

Graffiti Is Vandalism
by EBWhite4

Graffiti has been a long controversial issue among our society. Some may think it is a form of an artistic expression while others propose to entirely ban graffiti. As an Australian we are blessed with nature’s beautiful surroundings. How would you feel while seeing chaotic tags on a public wall while waiting at a bus stop or train station?

Graffiti is vandalism. Most graffiti is done randomly without permission of the owner. Those so called “artists” go wherever they want and damage other people’s property. This will cause chaotic situations when everyone can spray or scribble anything they like on public space.

Everyone likes admiring aesthetically appealing images and views. Some graffiti presents the public with provocative images and vulgar expressions which can exert bad influences on younger children. Children at young ages should be taught to do the right things as it helps for their future life as an adult. Having people do graffiti in areas where it is prohibited is a real downfall to children just to catch a glimpse.

Those opposed may argue that graffiti is a kind of free artistic expression. However, freedom should be an act in consideration and respect to the public, marking or tagging on public spaces without the consent of the owner can be illegal. If Graffiti is considered art, it should at least be done right and legally.

In conclusion, Graffiti is not a form of art that should be promoted. It will not only cause damage to private and public property, but will also exert bad influence towards younger children.

Word count: 262

Solutions to this essay

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submitted over 1 year ago by

1. Your intro needs to have an intro to your 2 arguments.

2.I’m almost sure that “Graffiti” should not be capitalized, except at the start of the sentence.

submitted over 1 year ago by

1. Introduction doesn’t have the components it needs

Introduction should consist of these 4 things only:

1. Introductory statement about the subject

2. Your stance on the subject

3. Introduce argument 1

4. introduce argument 2

So something like:

“The category of art encompasses many different types of works, including drawings and paintings. However, graffiti should not be classified as a type of art, because firstly [reason 1] and secondly, [reason 2]”

Your opening sentence is good except it needs to be more specific – it has been a controversial issue? How? You need to be more specific: i.e. people have been debating whether or not it should be classified as a form of art

We don’t include emotive language or explanation or persuasive techniques yet – save these for your body paragraphs.

2. The first sentence of each argument’s paragraph should introduce the argument

Don’t just state your contention or just a random statement – your first sentence should be what your argument is and try to tie it back to your stance/contention. So for example you’ve written “Graffiti is vandalism” as the first sentence of your first paragraph. You need to tie this back to your stance. So writing something like: “Firstly, graffiti cannot be considered as art, as it is a blatant form of vandalism” makes your sentence sound more complete and fully introduces your argument.

In your second paragraph you’ve begun with the sentence: “Everyone likes admiring aesthetically appealing images and views”. This is a general statement and isn’t your argument – you haven’t connected it to graffiti or why it should not be considered an art form. Your argument here is that graffiti, especially those with negative or vulgar messages, can be a negative influence on children. You need to write this as your opening sentence.

Using words like ‘Firstly’ and ‘Secondly’ also help your paragraphs tie together as part of a complete piece.

3. While most expression is good, some still a little clumsy

For example you’ve written in you second paragraph: “Having people do graffiti in areas where it is prohibited is a real downfall to children just to catch a glimpse”.

I would rephrase your sentence to be: “Graffiti sprayed in prohibited areas can have lasting consequences and mental scarring for children who manage to glimpse foul messages”

Notice how I’ve contracted “having people do graffiti in areas where it is prohibited” to “graffiti sprayed in prohibited areas” – having the same idea conveyed with less words makes the sentence less clumsy and more concise.

4. Good second argument! I like the argument and how you’ve developed and phrased it

submitted over 1 year ago by


I enjoyed reading your essay. Here are some improvement points:

1)State your arguments in the intro

2)Graffiti is a common noun, not a proper noun so it should not have a capital in a sentence besides at the start of the sentence

submitted over 1 year ago by

Why did you give graffiti a capital when it wasn’t at the start of a sentence.

Also you didn’t include both your points in the intro!

submitted 8 months ago by
Devendra K Singh

Great piece of work. I did some research on this topic and then wrote my essay. It just like yours! I didn’t copy you! I just found this place now!

submitted over 1 year ago


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#3 out of 17