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The 5 Best [Ranked] Resume Writing Services

Resume Writing Building Services

Are you having trouble creating a winning resume?

Do you spend hours staring at your resume feeling stuck and uninspired?

Unsure whether the resume you are submitting could be better?

How can you finally catch the eye of hiring managers?

These are common and frustrating concerns when crafting a resume.

One modern solution is using an online resume-writing or resume-building service.

These best-rated resume writing services will either write your resume for you or allow you to build it online from a template.  

Quick Picks: Resume Writing Services



Our Rating



Pro Resume Writing Services

$50 to start


Resume Wagon

Free to start


Resume Writing Service

$95 for a resume


Resume Companion

Free to start


Resume Writers

$199 to start

Top 5 Resume Writing & Editing Services

1. Resume Writers Review

resume writers review



Ease of Use

Resume Writers has been in the fray for over a decade. It guarantees qualified and professional resume writers with experience and national recognition. All writers are based in North America and are vetted for their reputation and skills.

Customers who value certified and highly specialized resume writers and the assurance of a money back guarantee might find its services a solid option.

The resume writing process is a direct and personal one without use of any middlemen, call centers, or outsourcing. The writers have expertise in over 60 industries and career segments, so finding a matching and qualified writer for your resume needs would be easy. Prices start from $199.


  • Over 15 years of experience in resume writing services
  • Writers are members of BBB, Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Directors International
  • Wide range of specialization
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, failing which re-write of resume is done without additional charges
  • Personalized customer support
  • Rush service available


  • Some users complain of high-pricing, even if they were happy with the quality
  • Time duration of 3-5 days

2. Resume Wagon Review

resume wagon review



Ease of Use

This resume writing service offers professional services on all types of resumes. Resume Wagon service prides itself in its specialized team of professional writers with unique industry backgrounds that fit any type of career.

The resume writers can accommodate any career level, from fresh graduates to C-level executives, which is great because they’re equipped to adapt to any job searcher’s particular requirement.

With a customer base of more than 10,000, the service has a reputation for creating optimal resumes and cover letters pretty quickly.

Prices start at $50 for entry level, $100 for professional and $150 for executive pack.


  • Professional writers with experience in more than 40 diverse fields that range from warehousing and retail to engineering and accounting
  • For changes or revisions on the resume two free revisions are provided for every resume order
  • Success rate of the service in 2014 was 90%
  • Service covers global clients including Europe, Canada, Australia, Africa and more
  • Customer satisfaction rate is 98%


  • Time taken for resume order completion is 3-5 business days with no rush service availability
  • Customer support option via chat or phone is not provided

3. Resume Writing Service Review

resume writing service review



Ease of Use assists numerous clients worldwide. 

If you need a relevant and keyword rich resume with the appropriate industry terminologies, opting for this service is a good choice. The team of writers guarantees innovative and fresh ideas for resume writing.

The writers are screened for expertise to ensure they provide up-to-date and good quality results.

Support for customers is provided through email, chat and phone features. You can choose from the various different service bundles that are available at fairly reasonable prices.


  • For first time clients 20% discount is offered and 25% discount is provided for referring a friend to the service.
  • 100% cash back guarantee is provided, if they do not deliver as per contract
  • Except the basic package, all other packages are inclusive of resume, follow up letter and cover lette
  • User friendly website
  • Free edits and amendments during the progress of the project


  • Minimum delivery time is 3 days
  • Price is high in spite of discounts

4. Resume Companion Review

resume companion review



Ease of Use

Resume Companion offers and easy and intuitive resume building service . Customers can choose from the thousands of bullet points that cover all industries and career segments comprehensively.

On ordering, a customer will receive a professionally created resume in PDF and MS Word format.

The resume writers’ team is part of CPRW. According to the website information and user reviews, it is easy to create your own resume with the resume builder tool, which is free. The rates are quite low at $4.95. Customer support is via live chat, email, and phone.


  • Free resume building tool with 8 popular templates
  • Opportunity to have the custom built resume evaluated for a minimal amount by a professional certified writer
  • Nominal fee to access advanced features
  • Easy to make queries to an expert without any additional charge


  • The prices for the packages are not clearly defined with some users reporting on hidden charges
  • Customer service is not satisfactory
  • Builder tool does not guarantee professional quality resume

5. Pro Resume Writing Services Review

pro resume writing review



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a quick turnaround time, ProResume Writing service is a good choice. The service guarantees results in 24 -48 hours.

Clients can request further revisions until they are satisfied with the results. Resume projects are handled by four certified professional resume writers’ team who have a combined experience of 20 years.

The writers in this service have published around 7 books on interview planning and resume writing. Once you contact their service they provide personalized phone service to discuss the details. Clients would find the four step uploading process quite easy to perform. Prices start from $199.


  • Quick turnaround time of 24- 48 hours
  • Dedicated team of certified professional resume writers
  • Good 24/7 customer support over phone, via email and live chat
  • Rated as best resume writing service in the 2014-2015 Top resume writing survey
  • Unlimited revisions for every resume order


  • High price tag for both the regular and rush resume service
  • Service does not provide cover letter with resume, and the cover letter requires extra charges

How To Write A Winning Resume

Writing an expert resume can be highly challenging with or without using a resume consultant or writer.

If you have come across this page, it is likely that you are looking for resume help, examples of successful resumes, how to write your own, free and professional resume examples and other tips and strategies that you could use to optimize your own CV.

Whether you are an administrative assistant or a high-powered executive looking to conduct a career transition or just land a job interview, consulting with a resume writing service can be an affordable and effective way of achieving your career objectives.

In addition, there are resume editing services you can use- Resumes Centre offers this if your existing resume needs a touchup. 

Many people opt to work with a career coach or a certified resume writer, but these can be expensive options that are prohibitive when you are searching for work in the first place.

How to write your resume

The first thing that you should do is to take a moment to brainstorm.

Think about all of your work skills, experiences and competencies and write out how they are relevant to the particular position that you are applying to.

One common mistake that job-seekers make is that they write one resume for all of the positions that they are applying to. 

This is not the best way to proceed- you should tailor your resume to the particular positions that you are interested in. Regardless of whether you are writing a customer service, administrative assistant, functional or medical resume – this is the best way of proceeding. 

While this may take more time, as you grow accustomed to adapting and rewriting your curriculum vita, you will find it becomes easier and easier to swap in and out different sections in your resume for the different types of positions you were applying for.

Try to consider it from the employer’s perspective. They receive many resume submissions, sometimes hundreds, for a particular position. If you take the effort and time to truly customize your work experience you will have greater success in landing interviews with your target companies.

If you are new to the world of work, try thinking about volunteer opportunities for other ways you have proved your confidence and value.

Always keep top of mind how to best represent the value you can provide to the specific position that they are hiring for. Another handy trick to help you brainstorm a high-quality resume is to look on LinkedIn for people who have the job title you want or you are applying for. Examine how they represent his or her experiences.

Find somebody with a quality and engaging presentation and model yourself after his or her LinkedIn profile.

5 Resume Tips You Need to Know

Begin writing and Editing your resume

When assembling your resume, try checking out some resume formatting examples online ( TrustMyPaper has some good examples) to get some inspiration on resume guidelines. Professional resume samples, whether it be a technical, IT or sales resume example, are great ways to get resume help.

As we have already reviewed above, using a resume builder or a resume writing service can be a great way of getting a head start on the process, or even getting a solid resume critique on your finished product. The best place to begin is to sketch out a summary statement or career objective that will appear at the top of your resume.

This will highlight who you are and give the hiring manager a quick read on what you’re about. It should emphasize your accomplishments and skill sets as well as your general career trajectory in a quick and seamless way, while also demonstrating the value you can provide as an employee. The next section will be where you describe your actual work experience.

Work experience examples will include all of the jobs and internships that you’ve had in the past. You should bullet point the specific experiences, achievements and demonstrated outcomes in this area. Definitely include the dates, the websites of the companies that you work for, as well as the professional title of the business itself. Below this area, there is some room to add some personal elements to your resume. You can describe different skill sets that you have.

Whether you are a teacher or an executive, you will have some interesting information you can include regarding who you are and some interesting skill sets that you potentially have.

Proofread your resume for mistakes!

Once you have assembled a rough outline of your resume, you can get it vetted by a professional resume proofreader or submitted to one of the resume builder services above to get it proofread.

Perhaps you have some family members you can circulate your CV to have them provide feedback. Many people make the mistake of neglecting to adequately vet their writing before they begin submitting the resume. You would be surprised how many jobseekers begin submitting the resume to hundreds of positions only to find a glaring and embarrassing error in their formatting or writing.

Hilarious Resume Typos

Use the Internet to read and research.

You should always be learning as someone pursuing a rewarding career. You should view your resume as a living document. Always be iterating and improving on how you present yourself. Especially as your skill set grows and expands.

Nowadays, in this fluid and sometimes challenging job market, people do not update their resumes while they are employed. Do not make this mistake: make sure to keep your resume updated and your LinkedIn profile updated so that you will never lack for job opportunities.

Keeping your resume updated as well as using a resume builder or professional resume writing service is a robust means of maintaining your long-term employability.

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Quick Picks: Resume Writing Services
Top 5 Resume Builder Services
1. Resume Writers Review
2. Resume Wagon Review
3. Resume Writing Service Review
4. Resume Companion Review
5. Pro Resume Writing Services Review
How To Write A Winning Resume
How to write your resume
The first thing that you should do is to take a moment to brainstorm.
5 Resume Tips You Need to Know
Begin writing and Editing your resume
Proofread your resume for mistakes!
Hilarious Resume Typos
Use the Internet to read and research.

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Named 2017 Best Resume Writer – #1 Top Resume Writer 2017

  • Home / Named 2017 Best Resume Writer – #1 Top Resume Writer 2017

2017 Best Resume Writer Interview Success Rate

  • 09
  • May

Named 2017 Best Resume Writer – #1 Top Resume Writer 2017

  • by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez |
  • 0 Comment

I am so honored and humbled to be included in the list of top resume writers 2017 for the 5th year in a row. This year is very special, and I’m especially grateful as we’ve been named the #1 BEST RESUME WRITER 2017. Resume Remodeler is run by David DeFazio and executive recruiter, resume writer, and blogger. To be named the best resume writer 2017 by an executive recruiter is a great honor.  Here’s an excerpt from his review of Great Resumes Fast:


Great Resumes Fast is our best resume writer 2017. Founded by Jessica Hernandez, this company’s amazing record of success for job seekers at all levels impresses us more each year. In 2016, Great Resumes Fast maintained a 99% interview response rate for all clients within 60 days. Of those, 63% had interview requests coming in the first 30 days and 20% of their clients started receiving interview requests the first week they started using their new resume. Many of their clients saw increases in their salary and earning potential from a 10% increase to several that increased $25,000-30,000 annually. Jessica and her team are highly regarded among professional resume writing services and her clients. Great Resumes Fast will also help you develop a great LinkedIn profile. Other services include resume analysis, resume distribution, cover letters, and thank you letters. Work is guaranteed.


Here are the credentials that he uses to evaluate the best resume writer 2017:


We have specific criteria that must be met for professional resume writers to be considered for our annual list of top resume writing services. All of the professional resume writers included on the 2017 Best Resume Writers List must:

  • Hold an industry certification to validate their credentials as a professional resume writer and commitment to their trade.
  • Have a clean record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Have an established, verifiable resume writing history and record of success.
  • Work is performed by experienced resume writers. Firms that rely heavily on a staff of junior level writers or offshore resources with little experience have been excluded.
  • Must provide personalized services.
  • Customer feedback from jobseekers at all levels confirms success and positive experience.

If you’d like to read David’s full review of Great Resumes Fast, you can find that here:

My team and I work very hard to ensure the resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles that we create for our clients generate interview requests promptly. At the end of each year, I complete a client survey asking our clients from the previous year how their job searches went and the results they received. I’m proud to provide those results to you in the following success graph below:


2017 Best Resume Writer Interview Success Rate
2017 Top Resume Writer Interview Success Rate


This year our clients also weighed in on the top benefits they discovered from working with us and what they valued MOST. Here’s a look at the top 5 benefits clients said they appreciated most from working with Great Resumes Fast.

Top 5 Benefits - 2017 Best Resume Writer | Top Resume Writer 2017


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Hi! My name is Jessica Hernandez and I’m the President and CEO of Great Resumes Fast. My desire—and the heart of Great Resumes Fast —is to use our expertise and experience within the HR world to help job seekers who do not have the time, experience, or expertise to create interview-worthy resumes.

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